Stages of Construction: Your pre-construction, construction and post-construction guide

A single construction project precedes and extends far beyond what you see during the building or renovation stage. Clients often call a contractor asking for a quote but are perhaps unaware of the other factors involved in each project.   

Here is a quick guide for what you can expect during the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases of your project.


The pre-construction phase of your project includes everything from the initial phone call to your contractor to when construction begins. Before making any decisions, you first will have to decide on your overall budget and what it is you want done. Determining your budget well before reaching out to a contractor will help you to better determine what kind of contractor it is that you need and who can accommodate your project. You also need to have your drawings done and approved by a BCIN Designer so that you may submit your plans for a building permit with your local municipality.

You will meet with your contractor to discuss your project, your budget, expectations, timeframes as well as contracts. Your contractor will take a careful look at your approved drawings so they will know what they need to price out as well as how long the job will take in addition to any other measures that will be taken. It is also during this phase that you will choose your various finishes such as tiles, flooring, etc., as allotted by your budget.

Clients are often taken aback by just how lengthy and involved the pre-construction process can be. The design and pre-construction process are often the largest part of the project that people do not consider when calling for an initial consultation. Remember that with any construction project, there are surprises, but the more time and effort you invest in the pre-construction phase, the more manageable the project will be for both you and your contractor.


This is when you will begin to see your plans come to life. Your contractor and their team will begin site assembly, which includes getting the proper equipment on location as well as ensuring the site is safe to begin construction. Whether you are renovating or retrofitting an existing structure, or building new, every project is unique and will require different lead times for various tasks. If agreed upon during the pre-construction phase, your contractor will likely take you through the various stages of construction so that you can see how things are going and ensure it is to your liking. Remember that the finished product takes time, and the process is not always pretty! Maintain open communication with your contractor and be patient through the process.


Once the construction has been completed, you will finally get to see your completed project! At this point, Thompson Construction will turn you over to warranty, where we promise to continue our service to you beyond the day your project is finished. Warranties can include manufacturer warranties that can last 25 year to lifetime, as well as installation warranties which is typically one to two years. If you decide to sell your home, the warranties are typically transferrable to the new owner, which is an excellent selling feature.

At Thompson Construction, we can assist and support our clients through all phases of their construction project. Our team of high skilled designers, consultants and tradespeople are dedicated to producing quality results on time and on budget. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next big project.