Selecting a general contractor for your project

Choosing a general contractor is a great undertaking and a huge part of a construction project. Your general contractor will oversee every part of the project from the first day on site until the finishing touches are complete. To ensure a successful project that is done safely, efficiently and on budget, you need to select a general contractor that will align with your vision and priorities. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a general contractor:

  1. Read the reviews and get recommendations

If your general contractor is good at what they do, their work will speak for itself, and so will their previous customers. Read online reviews to gauge the experience that others have had with the company. Even better is if you know someone, or a few people, who has used a particular contractor. If you are looking for a total home reno, consider putting a shout out on social media for your friends to list the general contractors they have used, and then engage with them to see why they liked them and what kind of work they did.   

  1. Are they experienced in your project?

You may hire a great general contractor, but if they are inexperienced with your type of project, it may not go as smoothly as desired. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial project, find a general contractor that is experienced, and has been successful, in the kind of project you are planning.

  1. Speak with their contractors or suppliers

A general contractor will use several other contractors and suppliers to complete specific parts of the bigger project. They likely have a bank of preferred electricians, HVAC technicians, window suppliers and more that do quality work on their projects. You can ask the general contractor to give you the information for the contractors or suppliers they use to find out more about them and what can be expected.

  1. Look for local

No matter the project, we suggest using someone local who employs people in your community and utilizes local contractors as well as suppliers. Not only does it feel good to support local companies, but a local general contractor will have the knowledge about the building codes in your area to carry out the project properly.

  1. Get it in writing

Before any part of the construction begins, a general contractor should provide you with a comprehensive contract detailing every part of the project and its associated costs. Read the contract carefully and ask questions to ensure you are happy with the proposal before the project is started. If the contractor you have selected does not provide you with a proper contract, it can be a red flag.

  1. Is there open communication?

With any big construction project, you will likely have questions along the way. You want to hire a general contractor that can answer your questions in a timely fashion. If they are not immediately available, is there someone on the site that can answer your questions? Or is there someone in their office who can quickly answer questions over the phone? A good general contractor will have a strong team that is experienced and aware of your project so that you are kept in the loop and confident in your project.

  1. Manage your expectations

A contractor will do everything in their power to complete the project within your budget and to your satisfaction, but as the customer, it is also important to manage your own expectations. Contractors are often working with tight timelines and managing many people to complete your project. If you have done your research and have selected a reputable contractor in their area, trust that they will do everything so that you are thrilled with the final result. Remember that a happy project is a successful project!

  1. Get excited!

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