Some like to call it an addition, renovation, or simply a bathroom retrofit, but we think that is lacking the true meaning of what a project can do for you. Whether your family is growing older, larger or you simply want to enjoy the finer things in life, we aim to not only provide a professional experience, but also a personal experience through both design and construction to fulfill you needs, wants and desires.     

From a House to a Home

New windows, doors, siding and insulation can make a drafty cold house into a warm cozy home. Simple colors and a welcoming wood front porch help to draw the eye to the front entry and the warmth beyond. 

Who needs the spa when this is at home

When "WOW" is the factor we pull no punches. Clean glass lines, mosaic tiles and lighting highlight every feature in the bathroom. Let us show you we think about more than just the visual and enhance the feeling.

The addition that blends in

Everyone needs a garage, but why not get some extra space above. Additions can be tricky to blend but little features like a skirt roof are easy to add and help tie the project together and make it look like it has been there the whole time 

A home away from home 

When the cottage is just around the corner, Why go home? Skip the heavy traffic and hours of driving and enjoy this weekend retreat just outside of town. Spacey open concept, cathedral ceilings and grand look all squeezed into one thousand square feet. This project started out as a diamond in the rough and is just about to get its final shine.